If you are interested in volunteering in Arise Youth please contact our Family Ministries Director at hello@ariseonline.org



Volunteer Expectations

- On Wednesdays you serve, attend the Kids Huddle at 9:30am in classroom 101 for communication and prayer time.

- Be ready to greet the Youth LG at the church or other arranged meeting place by 6:15pm. Actively greet youth when they arrive at the church and help them engage with each other and build relationships.

- Always ensure the safety of the youth by making sure they are not behaving in ways that could harm themselves or other youth.

- Be prepared to enthusiastically engage in worship, activities, lesson, and prayer with your Youth Life Group!

- Address any problems you might see with how Youth LG is operating and discuss the best solution with other leaders and Jackie.

- Help keep the Arise Church tidy and organized. Encourage kids to help with clean up. - Let Jackie know if you need any supplies or materials.

- While ‚Äčoptional‚Äč, it is highly recommended that we look for ways to build community outside of formal gathering time periodically, through fun activities and fellowship events as well!

* Enjoy building relationships with kids and fellow volunteers, serving in God’s kingdom, and serving your church family in this way! Relationship building with Youth is THE MOST important part of being a Youth LG Leader!

For more information send us an email: hello@ariseonline.org