Arise Church is part of the Reformed Church in America (RCA). Our denomination - planted in New Amsterdam (New York) in 1628 by Dutch immigrants - boasts the title of “oldest” in North America. The title, “Reformed,” comes from the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century.  The Reformation was a “protest” against the unbiblical practices of the Roman Catholic Church. From this event, new churches/movements were birthed with a focus on the 5 Solas, Doctrines of Grace and the priesthood of all believers.  Our denomination was one of those movements.


Today the RCA consists of nearly 1,000 churches and 240,000 members in Canada and the U.S. We are a diverse denomination with a rich history of global mission. We follow a Presbyterian style polity with a strong emphasis on good order. A common cry in our denomination is “Reformed and reforming according to the Word of God.”


For more info go to www.rca.org


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