Kairos is a specific or appointed time. We desire this specific or appointed time be for the pursuit of deeper relationships with God and others.

In Kairos we seek to be even more intentional to:
deepen our devotional walk with Christ,
care for our whole being (heart, mind, soul, body), and
sharpen one another through Christ-centered relationships.

Kairos is a group of 2-3 people of the same gender who:
Set a specific time and place to meet weekly for about one hour
Find and agree on a Bible reading plan that lasts a year. This is to develop the appetite and habit reading through the Bible yearly.
Use the Kairos bookmark as a guide to help you be intentional and focused. The bookmark is available on the Activation Table at Worship on Sundays or get a copy from the office.
Pray and invite others to join you. When your group grows to 4 it’s time to multiply.
Pray for each other weekly. Celebrate joys and encourage one another in the trials.
When new people join your group let them begin reading from you are currently. Share with them a summary of what you have read thus far and how it has impacted you.