September 30th, 2018 - SATURATE: Everyday Rhythms


Pray for your time together and for God to continue meet you where you are.  Remember, as we focus upward, we can focus inward, and move outward.

Read 1 Cor 9:19-23
How does Paul meet people where they are at, and who is he meeting with?  What does he remind the Corinthians about as he is with these people?
Have you ever had the chance to witness to non-believers, or meet them where they were?  Explain please.
If you are a follower of Christ, he has met you somewhere at some point.  Take a moment to reflect and share a quick testimony.
It can be something as simple as:  There was a time in my life when I was _______ & ________.  Then I received Jesus’ forgiveness and proclaimed him Lord & Savior.  
Now.. I ______ & ______.  (Share a couple words how Jesus has changed your life)
We are called to be missionaries, and we can do so with our vision: “Life in the light of Christ”.  In our Saturate series we gave examples on how we can do mission in our everyday lives.
We can start thinking about ways to be intentional in some of these.  Brainstorm some ideas with your life group.
Eat - who can you invite, or where can you go?
Listen - who can you invite for a coffee?
Story - is there someone or someones you need to tell God’s story, and your story to?
Bless - is there someone you can be a blessing to?
Celebrate - What is coming up that can be celebrated?
ReCreate (rest & create) - who can you rest and play with?
These are just a few simple ways to get you started.  We will try and attach or copy a worksheet to help along the way.