Psalms Series Questions: Psalm 73

Life Group Packet
Announcements, Questions, and Look Ahead

If you would, please remind your Life Group of the following:
Leadership Team Nominations: we will be nominating new Deacons and Elders this coming month. If you participated in the online form for Covenanting then you were asked to submit someone for the office of Deacon and the office of Elder. Link is here

Women’s Mixer: The Women of Arise will be gathering this Saturday from 11:30-4 to exchange food recipes, fellowship, and to hear from one of our own on the Passage of the Woman at the Well.

LG Leaders Meeting: Tuesday November 5th, we urge you to skip a week from your normal Life Group and attend a Leadership Training with Pastor Mike concerning Life Group practices and vision at 6:30pm at the Arise building. Please ensure to eat prior to the meeting. This event is not only for leaders, but anyone interested in hearing on how LG’s work into the ministry of Arise.


Life Group Questions from this past Sunday
1. Psalm 73 encounters a biblical author who nearly left the faith. His confession was that his eyes lied to him, he began to envy the wicked instead of trust what he knew of God. Our eyes are the doorways to our affections. Where our gaze is, our heart’s desires are. What captures your attention much of the time? What do you find yourself “longing for” that you know isn’t the better thing, but the possibly distracting thing?

2. The way of doubt commonly results in trying to ignore worship or neglect our disciplines. When we doubt, we aren’t very motivated to keep with reading scripture, prayer, or singing. However, doubt is processed best when we are elevated to the level of seeing the world as God sees it. When you doubt, we are asked to worship to see clearly. When you worship, study scripture, or pray, what becomes clearer to you concerning God? What becomes clearer to you concerning yourself?

3. The end of doubt should be resolved in the finished act of Christ on the cross. That he welcomes our doubt, to resolve it, not disarm it. What doubts do you have regarding faith that have their answer in Christ? What doubts do you have that your LG may be able to connect to Christ for you?


Look Ahead
Read Jonah 1:1-10 and do the following;
Observe: What can you definitely observe, not guess, and not assume the text is saying. Make short statements that cannot be refuted.
Ask: What is unclear, needs more information, or you are confused by.
Stands out: What stands out to you as the one take away from reading this passage. How would you try to summarize it for someone else outside of faith?