October 28, 2018 - WE ARE: Worship Focused

Turn on your favorite pandora or YouTube station, or have someone lead in a bit of worship time. 

Read John 4:7-26
1.  If you were to describe worship to someone in two sentences, what would you say?
2.  What is your favorite form of worship and why? For example: Song, prayer, communion, devotional (being in the Word)
3.  Do you worship outside of Sunday?  If so, how?  If not, what are some ways to incorporate worship into your everyday life.
4.  Jesus calls out the woman telling her, “you know not what you worship.”  We are created to worship. When we don’t worship God, we worship something else.  What are the “things” that you have been worshipping? 
5.  What are ways we can turn our worship focus to Creator, and away from creation?
Remember, God is seeking true worshippers, and Worship is our response to proclaiming Jesus is Lord!
Shifting focus…
Arise desires to be a people of prayer, worship and prayer focused.
5.  Do you find it hard to ask for prayer, and if so why?  Do you have fears about praying with others?  What are they?   Lay these fears out and pray over them if necessary.   What are some ways to try and overcome these fears?
Remember God wants us to pray, to seek him. 
6.  Break off into 2’s or 3’s and pray together. **Gasp** I know, we have to pray together.
Ask what is needed in prayer.
Arise needs:    Nominations for elder/deacon coming up.
Discernment team for pastoral search.
Kid’s ministry help
Harvest Sunday
Ministry Teams