October 21st, 2018 - WE ARE: Gospel Centered

WE ARE: Gospel Centered

  1. What do you desire more than anything else? What do you find yourself daydreaming or fantasizing about?
  2. What lies do you subtly believe that undermine the truth of the gospel?
  3. Are you astonished with the gospel?
  4. Where have you made much of yourself and little of God?
  5. Is technology interrupting your communion with God?
  6. What fears keep you from resting in Christ?
  7. What consumes your thoughts when you have alone time?
  8. When people see how you spend money, do they conclude that God is a priceless treasure, exceedingly valuable above all worldly goods?
  9. When people observe your relationship with others, are they alerted to the power of Christ’s forgiveness of you that alone accounts for your forgiveness of them?
  10. Is your use of leisure time or devotion to a hobby or how you speak of your spouse the sort that persuades others that your heart is content with what God is for you in Christ?