November 11th, 2018 - WE ARE: Mission Driven

Pray for your time together
Read John 17: 
1. Who is Jesus praying for?  What is he praying for?  How is he commissioning us?
2.  How are we created, and why are we created?
3.  In your own words (or as a group), can you walk through God’s mission and who He has been using? 
Some help full texts:  Gen 1: 26,  Gen 9:1:7  Gen 12:1-3, · Genesis 26:4,  Genesis 28:14Daniel 3:29, Daniel 6:26
4. Who else stands out to you in God’s story?
5. How has God used you in the past, or how is He using you to complete His mission now?
6.  We are part of God’s story and mission.  Do you have a mission, and what is it?  Take time here to talk about what it would look like to have a purposeful mission as an individual, or a family, or a life group, etc...How does God want to use you, not as in serving the church, but in the world to glorify Him. How can you implement this?
7.  Pray intentionally for God to reveal His mission for you.
This week take time out each day (schedule it if necessary) and pray for guidance in your mission.