March 3rd - Light of the World

Light of the World:

  • Read Matthew 5:14-15


  • Here we see our influence described as light. Light reveals and exposes darkness most effectively if it is elevated and put on display were people are able to see it. How do you elevate the light of Christ shining in and through you in your life? 


  • What are the things that might act as baskets that cover or obscure the light, inhibiting Jesus from shining through you? 


  • Read Matthew 5:16


  • Jesus teaches that the purpose of our influence is to expose others to the love of Jesus so that they would give glory to God. How do you see Jesus using you to show God to the people in your life? 


  • What areas of your life are distinct and different from the world around you? 


  • Where in your life is it challenging to be distinct and different?
  • Jesus said that the focus of our life should be to bring glory to God. What do you think that might look like? 


  • Is that focus at odds with having people praise you for the good things they see in your life?