Ecclesiastes Series: Finding Meaning Sermon Questions

Ecclesiastes 1:1-18



  1. What is meaningless: Ecclesiastes chapter 1 showed us that if there is no God, everything that we do is utterly meaningless. If you are to be courageous and evaluate your life, in what ways have you attempted to wrestle meaning away from the Gospel and to yourself? As an example, your job is a way to feel validated and feel good about yourself, instead of working for the communal good of God’s creation. Or, you seek to be fulfilled by your goodness so you speak about yourself more than you do the actions of Jesus. As you evaluate yourself, remember, you will never change if you do not believe your current circumstances are off-balanced. 
  2. Why is it meaningless: We also saw the reason life is meaningless without the Father. If there is no ultimate way to measure what is good, we are all fumbling about trying to grant meaning to created objects. What is “good” to one person, or culture, isn’t good for everyone. What areas of life do you try to inject “goodness” into without God having called it such? How do your friends find “good” items in the world that will only make them thirsty again? In which ways can you point out well the emptiness of items outside of Christ?
  3. How do we know it's meaningless: Share a way in which you have experienced the emptiness of life from items you believed would make you satisfied? What made you see that is was empty? 


For this coming Sunday….Ecclesiastes 2:1–11, 3:10–14


  1. Read the passages marked above. If you could, what questions would you have from this passage that will be preached Sunday? What would you like clarity on? 
  2. As you read these passages, what strikes you as the author’s main point, could you summarize it into a few words, phrases or sentences? 
  3. How would you try to communicate these verses to those outside of Christ?