February 24th - Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth:

  • Read Matthew 5:13 together.

  • Discuss the original meaning of salt “losing its flavor”. What can cause a Christian to “lose his/her flavor” as the salt of the earth? 

  • What should we do as Christians to make sure we are effective at being the salt of the earth? 

  • Arise values real, authentic community. Do you feel the freedom in your Life Group to be open and honest about struggles you may be facing? Is there anything the group could do, that would make this easier?

  • Its easy for us to feel like we aren’t making any progress when it comes to our Spiritual Growth. Do you regularly find yourself feeling this way? Does remembering that Spiritual Growth is a crawl comfort you?

  • It’s easier for us to see growth in other than ourselves. Spend a little time encouraging one another with how they are growing to be more like Christ.