Ecclesiastes Series: Death & Justice Sermon Questions

1. Death is a terrifying thought. What is your greatest fear concerning your own death?

3. When death has lost its sting and pain, only then can we truly be without fear and start to work towards life. Ecclesiastes tells us that everyone deals with death; it doesn’t discriminate. What makes the difference for you knowing that the death is now without pain because Christ died the death you should have?

3. Without God, the death of a child, an infant, or the sick is without meaning. As a matter of fact, the death of anyone at anytime is without meaning. But with God, we know we have an enemy, and Death is our enemy. We must combat death. Not just physical, but spiritual. How are you fighting the spiritual death of your family, your friends, your co workers, your neighbors, your kids? How can this life Group help you fight against spiritual death? Is spiritual death put away in your own life?