Ecclesiastes Series: It Is Finished Sermon Questions

Life Group Questions 
  1. The author of Ecclesiastes tells us that the only true way to live is to “fear God, and obey his commands”. As you hear those two phrases, what thoughts come to mind as to what “fearing God” and “obeying his commands” means? 
  2. Sunday’s definition of “fearing God” was described as not scared of God, but rather knowing that he is above anything and everything, it's an awe inspiring reverence. If you were always mystified and in awe of God, what daily changes do you imagine would take place? If you didn’t take him for granted, what practical changes would happen for you?
  3. Sunday’s sermon also defined “obeying” as following every single law ever given in all of Scripture. This is impossible. What changes for you knowing that the law is not a means to become saved (doing all of what God asks from me, gains good favor) but rather, it's a diagnostic tool to see just how broken we are? 
  4. Using the law to see how broken we are, we can also use the law to see how perfect Christ is. He kept every command, he was blameless yet took our blame so that we would never die. Knowing that its impossible to take his goodness and make it void, you can’t mess up, what risks do you know you should be taking for the Gospel and the kingdom? What commands must you obey that you aren’t currently following?