August 26th, 2018 - Parable of the Talents


Open with Prayer asking God to soften your heart to learn about yourselves


Read Matthew 25: 14-30


  1. In the earthly kingdom sense, do you see yourself or your abilities as a 5 talent, 2 talent or 1 talent person?  Have you had good opportunities, and have you taken advantage of these opportunities, or risked to get something?  Explain…examples.
  2. Have you ever been entrusted with something important or valuable?  What was it, and how was the outcome?
  3. Have you ever entrusted someone with something valuable or important?  What were your expectations, and were they met?  Were there consequences if expectations were not met?
  4. In the heavenly kingdom we are entrusted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is a tough question, but be honest; are you a 5 talent, 2 talent, or 1 talent servant?  Why?  Is anything holding you back? 
  5. Testimony time: can you give any examples when you were able to witness and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ?  Has anyone witnessed to you?
  6. Fear is a faith and obedience killer.  What are some practical things you can do to overcome your fear?  Where do you start?


Write your fears down if you have to…pray over them.


Pray for your faith to be strengthened!

Pray for your obedience to shatter your fear!