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Ecclesiastes Series: Work Is Good Sermon Questions

LG Questions September 23 In which ways do you try to make work something it should never be? Do you hope it rewards you, or supplies meaning for you, or brings identity to you? What makes you desire work to be those things? Why do you try to make work become a type of savior for you? What would it look like if you rested and then worked, instead of working towards rest....

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Ecclesiastes Series: Pleasure Is Good Sermon Questions

From Sunday Sermon Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, 3:10-14 If it is true that our heart's affections determine the pleasure we find, what longing do you find yourself most often going towards outside of Christ? Do you try to find peace by escaping hard situations? Do you find excitement a desire and therefore make trouble to keep things interesting? Do you love making a name for you...

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Ecclesiastes Series: Finding Meaning Sermon Questions

Ecclesiastes 1:1-18 Questions What is meaningless:Ecclesiastes chapter 1 showed us that if there is no God, everything that we do is utterly meaningless. If you are to be courageous and evaluate your life, in what ways have you attempted to wrestle meaning away from the Gospel and to yourself? As an example, your job is a way to feel validated and feel good about you...

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