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Psalms Series Questions: Psalm 73

Life Group Packet Announcements, Questions, and Look Ahead AnnouncementsIf you would, please remind your Life Group of the following:Leadership Team Nominations: we will be nominating new Deacons and Elders this coming month. If you participated in the online form for Covenanting then you were asked to submit someone for the office of Deacon and the office of Elder. Link ...

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Psalms Series Questions: Psalm 32


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Psalms Series Questions: Psalm 3

1. We saw from Psalm 3 that those who experience pain and sorrow, must not overstate or understate their pain. You cannot give into your emotions and you cannot pretend they are not there. God made emotions as a way to see our life experiences, to color in the picture with shades. When you think on your previous emotions in life (joy, sorrow, sadness, depression), how have...

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Ecclesiastes Series: It Is Finished Sermon Questions

Life Group Questions The author of Ecclesiastes tells us that the only true way to live is to "fear God, and obey his commands". As you hear those two phrases, what thoughts come to mind as to what "fearing God" and "obeying his commands" means? Sunday's definition of "fearing God" was described as not scared of God, but rather knowing that he is above anything and e...

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Ecclesiastes Series: Death & Justice Sermon Questions

1. Death is a terrifying thought. What is your greatest fear concerning your own death?3. When death has lost its sting and pain, only then can we truly be without fear and start to work towards life. Ecclesiastes tells us that everyone deals with death; it doesn't discriminate. What makes the difference for you knowing that the death is now without pain because Christ die...

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