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ADVENT Community Guide

Click the picture below for Advent Life Group material. ...

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November 11th, 2018 - WE ARE: Mission Driven

Pray for your time together Read John 17: 1. Who is Jesus praying for? What is he praying for? How is he commissioning us? 2. How are we created, and why are we created? 3. In your own words (or as a group), can you walk through God's mission and who He has been using? Some help full texts: Gen 1: 26, Gen 9:1:7Gen 12:1-3,Genesis 26:4,Genesis 28:14,Daniel 3:2...

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November 4th, 2018 - WE ARE: Community Rooted

1. Describe a meaningful relationship that you've had. What made it significant? 2. How has community been impactful in your faith journey? 3. What happens in our lives when we neglect community for isolation? 4. "Community is messy". How does this idea make you feel? 5. Do you feel that Life Group is a place where you can be "real"? Not feeling the need to "pr...

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