Our mission is to make sharing testimonies as life-giving, motivating, and faith-building as we can. There is life in the light of Christ! We are tending this life so it can flourish. We are unveiling God’s work by shining light upon it. We are inviting people into knowing Christ, one another, and ourselves more intimately.

We’ll accomplish this by making this our team’s main focus, communicating with the people we serve clearly and often, and making the process itself a joy.


Individual: We are one Body, knit together by the Holy Spirit and led by Jesus. When he works in you, he’s at work in me. It’s both our honor and duty to share God’s work in our lives as a way of serving one another.
Community: How have you seen God at work in and through others within Arise? Call it out and never leave genuine encouragement unspoken.
Generational: If you had only one story of God’s faithfulness in your life, or one plea, for your children, what would it be?
Bonus: Uncovering God’s work in our lives reveals patterns of his leading, the Holy Spirit carving a path before us. This can and should reveal our unique spiritual gifts and callings within the Body.
We would love you to testify. Click on the link to explore and then share your testimony. Encourage others to do so as well. Please know that we won’t share or use your testimony without your permission. Thank you for taking the time to testify of God’s work!