Leadership Team
The Leadership Team at Arise is a combination of Deacons and Elders  within our church.
Elder Team
Elders act as a governing board for the church, leading in spiritual care and vision.
The Elders serve the Church through:
  • Prayer
  • Teaching/Discipleship
  • Spiritual Care and formation of members
There are currently 6 elders on our team:
  • Paul Lexen, Lead Elder
  • Tim Kromminga
  • Darin Vander Well
  • Hilary Poyer
  • Mike Vetter
  • Craig Pederson
Deacon Team
The Greek word in the Bible for deacon, diakonos, means servant. Deacons act as lead servants at Arise.
Their focus is turned toward service and ministry both to the world and in the church by:
  • Caring for the physical needs of the Church
  • Special individual and family concerns
  • Volunteer service opportunities
There are currently 6 deacons on our team:
  • Craig Rowland, Lead Deacon
  • Greg Schouten, 
  • Jordan Huisman
  • Sam Goemann
  • Darren Pluim
  • Kevin Stolz