At Arise, we desire to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children. Through the celebration of faith milestones and by creating opportunities for family faith experiences, we hope to serve parents and families by being a catalyst for discipleship in the home.
My people, hear my teaching; listen to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth with a parable; I will utter hidden things, things from of old—things we have heard and known, things our ancestors have told us. We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done. -Psalm 78:1-4

Kids Life Groups

Communities for kids to Love, Grow, Worship and Go
At Arise, members participate in the life of the church through Corporate Worship and Life Groups. Our children are invited to participate in each of these areas, as well!
The Nursery meets at 10am during the service. Children interact with our faithful nursery leaders who show our kids Christ’s love by connecting and playing. All of our children’s programs practice our Safe Church Policy.
The Preschool Life Groups meets at 10am during the sermon as well. Children build relationships by playing and greeting each other, followed by a time that is split into life groups exploring the Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is the children curriculum used at Arise Church, learn more by clicking here!
Kids Life Groups in Kindergarten through 5th Grade meet after the sermon. Children meet in smaller age-level life groups to build relationships, while studying God’s word. All children then gather together to sing worship to Jesus and hear a gospel lesson, followed by more life group time to discuss and apply the material. Their time together is ended through prayer and then they’re dismissed to their families. 
Arise currently has two Youth Life Groups for Boys and Girls Middle School through High School. The groups meet on Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the Arise office. Their time is spent loving each other through fellowship, growing through lessons and studies and going through mission opportunities.
To get involved in a life group, volunteer to lead, or for questions, email:


Give the strong support of God’s family in fellowship, prayer and service
We have many opportunities for you to get involved in what God is doing through the children of Arise! The main areas are: Nursery, Preschool Life Group, Kids Life Groups, Youth Life Groups, and Special Programs (Christmas, Easter, VBS).
Volunteer Descriptions:
Safe Church Policy– All volunteers working with children at Arise are asked to fill out a Volunteer Form. This will provide information to access references and do background checks if needed. All information will be kept confidential and stored securely.
For questions, please email:

Special Programs

Events to help us Love, Grow, Worship and Go
VBS- Arise hosts a Vacation Bible School at a park in Harrisburg. There are two evenings full of songs, lessons, crafts, snacks and games.
Christmas Worship Service- The children have the opportunity to lead Arise in celebrating Christ’s birth with songs, poems, dances and other forms of worship.
Resurrection Eggs- Each spring Kids Life Groups learn about Jesus’ death and resurrection by making a set of unique eggs that hold symbols of the story.

Baptism and Profession of Faith

Join the covenant community of faith

At Arise we care deeply for children; that they will grow and mature into a vibrant faith. Through baptism we covenant with God, the parents, their children, and the rest of the congregation to love, encourage, and support families as children walk the journey of faith and someday stand with the the rest of the church in professing Jesus as Lord.

If you are interested in presenting your child for baptism, or making a public profession of your faith, please contact the lead elder or pastor.

Family Resources

Love, encourage, and support our brothers and sisters by teaching the gospel of God’s love

Classes on Marriage, Family, Parenting and Discipleship are taught periodically by staff and members of Arise. Sign up for available classes.

There is a library available for members of Arise with a variety of helpful materials. To request resources, contact